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Until 1977 the entire Nuapada Sub- Division was Sansa College students interested to pursue higher education had to traverse ling distances to reach either. Bolangir of Bhawanipatna which were the nearest colleges available. They used to suffer great hardships as the state of communication was highly deplorable. Many a young man who could afford, preferred Raipur a big town in the neighbouring state of Madhva Pradesh for it provided better communication and improved facilities. But alas I many meritorious students had to call in a day after matriculation as their financial condition did not allow them to afford education in far off places. So in 1978 the intelgentia of Nuapada put their needs together and seriously thought about having a college in Nuapada. Thus sprang of National College out of' funds donated bv Local people of Nuapada and Khariar Road with Mr. B K Bose as the President and Mr. P.K. Azad as Secretary of the Managing Committee.The college initially functioned in National High School. Nuapada with intermediate in Arts in the following subject in English, MIL (Oriya/ Hindi), Economics. History, Political Science Education, Mathematic Logic, Oriya, Hindi affiliated to Sambalpur University.

By end by a site for the college was identified at a place midway between Nuapada and khariar Road to enable students of both the towns to have easy access to the college. The BA. class of the college got concurrence ‘with an affiliated strength of 96 in English, MIL (Oriya/ Hindi), History Economics. History, Political Science Education, Mathematic Logic, Oriya, Hindi in 1986-87 +2 commerce was inducted in 1986-87 with 64 seats. The College is complete with out Science National College introduced science teaching facilities at +2 level in 1993-94 with an enhanced from 96 to 128 seats in 1998-99 Time. The college started teaching in History, Education in 1998-99.

Nuapada was made a District on 01.04.93 and it is hoped that the college will develop by leaps and bounds in the years to come.

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