Education serves as the touch stone in uplifting any society. It assures better and bright future for all. True, but in the case of National College, Nuapada, it is equity combined with leadership and responsibility. Sticking to its vision of producing good human beings making them equipped with skill, fellow-felling, attitude, innocence, innovation, good attitude, behaviour and spiritual upliftment.

Each and every educational institution aims at excellence. Ours is no exception to this, but achieving excellence with the resources available with us, we find it tough but we are committed to shoulder the responsibility in this connection. Students with backward areas with financial hardships are our resources but they enjoy their study with a view to achieving excellence. National College, Nuapada has its own innovation and identity in this locality.

Co-education system reflects our diversity and unity in variety. Moral values and ethics are instilled in students to keep drugs at arms length in a ragging free campus.

Student interest is its top priority. Hence academic improvements get focused invariably.

Different programmes observation are sources of inspiration for the new changes taking place in the field of education and life. Talent recognition and academic development are given priority for students transformation through their learning.