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National College possesses three N. S .S. units. Two for boys and one for girls. The N. S. S. volunteers work selflessly for the benefit of society and in this process develop for themselves a leadership quality and a sense of sacrifice.

Each Unit of the N.S.S. shall have 50 volunteers. The programme officer for each unit shall be appointed by the Principal The programme officer shall choose the volunteers taking into account their ability to render selfless service.

The activities of the NSS include:

a) To propagate in boys and girls and other sense of cleanliness. Cleanliness in the community around the college campus and town. Initiating a civic sense among the members of the NSS and in the people of the community. Literacy drive such a teaching at adult literacy centers.

d) Assigning the authorities in driving against social evils. Such as dowery etc.

e) Immunising children against infections, diseases and making people aware of the dreaded disease like AIDS & TB and had to avoid them.

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