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The following scholarship and financial assistance are awarded by the Govt. and are renewable for the eligible students studying here.

1. National Scholarship:- Ordinarily the students who have secured 70% marks in aggregate in the HSC Examination are likely to get this scholarships.

2. National loans Scholarship : To apply of such scholarship the students must have sec secured 50% marks in their previous Examination.

3. Junior merit Scholarship: The students who have secured 50% in aggregate in the HSC Examination are eligible to apply the students passing in supplementary examination are not eligible.

4. Senior Merit Scholarship: Awarded on the basis of H.S. marks to the student's of degree class.

5. Post Matric Scholarship Stipends are given to the S.C and S.T. students from the T.R.W. Department Govt. of Orissa.

6. Freedom fighter's Scholarship Awarded to the Children of Freedom Fighters.

7. Teachers Children Scholarship Awarded to the children of primary of Secondary Schools Teachers on all Orissa basis whose aggregate marks is at least 60% in the H.SC. Examination.

8. Aid to the Children of Ex-Serviceman: -Aid available from the Government of Orissa to the Children of Ex-Service man.

9. National Science Talent Scholarship: Awarded on the basis of a competitive examination held on the 1st Sunday of May of each calendar year.

10. Orthopaedieally Handicapped Scholarship: Awarded to the lame, deaf and orthopeadically handicapped students. Their age should be 17 to 30 years. The candidates must have secured at least 40% mark s in the H.S.C.

11. Hindi Scholarship: The Student of Non- Hindi speaking state like Orissa are eligible to apply for the Hindi Scholarship provided they secure 50% or move marks in MIL. (Hindi) in last examination All principal can apply through by the 31 st Aug. of each year in the latest.

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