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1. Aims and objectives:

a) To render social service of any description.

b) To grant stipends to the needy and deserving students of the college for

i) Purchase of Books

ii) Payment of CoIIege fees.

iii) Payment of University examination fees.

2. Finance

Each student of the college shall contribute annually towards the funds of the guild:

3. Management

(a) There shall be an Executive Committee consisting of the following to manage the Guild.

(i) President: Principal (Ex-officio)

(ii) Vice-President: Nominated by the principal from among the members of the staff.

iii) Secretary: To be elected from among the 3 students or nominated by the principal.

(iv) Asst. Secretary: To be elected from among the students of+3 first year classes.

(v) One representative Elected from Each class or nominated by the principal.

(vi) The election shall be held along With other association and in he same procedure.

(b) The duties of the secretary' are to convene the executive committee meeting of the guild record the proceeding prepar and submit the annual report along with the accounts of the previous year and to invite application forms the students to organize student voluntees to work for the guild.

c) The Asst . secretary will assist the secretary in all matters or will work during his absence.

d) The principal is the final authority in all matters relating to the guild.

nd help to the needy and deserving students of the college.

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