1. Solar Unit in the Campus

Aim and Objective

To introduce an alternative power source to meet the power requirement of this college during power cut.

Installation of the Unit.

The solar unit introduced in the college campus on Dtd.14.07.2016 & is having 3 number of panels comprising of 288 number of cells each, on the roof of Library. The power output of the unit is 6KW. Due to reduction in efficiency of the cells presently it has power output of 4KW.

Evidence of Success

The office is running with 7 no. of computer system 2 no. of Xerox machines & 5 no. of printers & 3 no. scanners. Before installation of the unit it was impossible for the college to run the office during power failure, but after installation the power requirement during power failure is met by the unit successfully. The average energy requirement of the college is 2100KWH out of which 1900 KWH/month is met by electric supply & 200KWH/Month is met by the Solar unit during power failure.

Problems Encountered

Problems related to the Solar unit are due to

1. Cloudy weather
2. Mishandling
3. Maintenance

The minimum temperature required for the unit to generate power is 32 C. so, cloudy weather is an obstacles to power generation.

A notice is to be displayed at the necessary paints about the user manual . it must be operated by one person not by multiuser.

Batteries should be checked regularly for continues power output.