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Article: ­The college union shall be the sole tribunal of the students opinion inside

the college. The name of the union shall be “National College Union'

2. Membership

Every Students of the college reading in the +3 classes is a member

Of the college union and has the right of voting and standing for election as the election rules, No one whose name is not en roll of the college shall be a member of the Union.

3. Function

a) To organize academic discussion debates and lectures on subjects of literary and cultural interest.

b) To conduct social and extra—curricular activities .

c) To invite persons of eminence to address the union.

d) To represent to the authorities the view of the member on all matters relating to them.

e) To take up such other activities as are proposed by the Union and approved by the


4. Executive Committee

College Union shall have an Executive Committee comprising the following members.

a) Principal of the college (Chairman).

b) Advisor of the college union (Vice-Chairman)

c) Associate Advisors.

d) The President College union.

e) The Vice President. College Union .

f) The Secretary College Union.

g) The Asst. Secretary College Union.

h) One representative from each class.

i) One representative from among women students.

5. Union and Principal

The principal of the college is the ex-officio head of the union and every thing done or proposed to be done by the union shall be subject to his prior approval. He shall in particular have the following rights.

•  To choose a suitable date and conduct the annual election of the college.

•  To approve the union budget.

•  O get the union accounts audited.

•  To nominate a suitable candidate from among the students for any post falling vacant for any reason.

6.Functions of the executive committee:

•  The executive body shall manage all the affairs of union and the proceedings of the meetings shall be submitted after every meeting to the principal for approval.

•  The funds of the union shall be controlled by the principal.

•  The secretary shall maintain the accounts of the union.

•  For any withdrawal of money a written request should be made to the principle by the secretary and such request is to be endorsed by the advisor, college union.

•  At no time can the secretary draw an amount exceeding Rs.200/- and unless he submits the voucher against the amount drawn he is not entitled to any further drawl.

•  The secretary is liable to submit the final accounts of the expenditure before the college union i.e executive committee on or before the commencement of the test examination and should get it approved.

•  The secretary shall submit an annual statement of account to be adopted by the general body at its next annual preferably in the same academic year.

h) Executive committee will draw up the programmns of the union for the session and undertake such other activities as are consistant with the objective of the Union in accordance with this constitution.

I) An ordinary meeting of the executive committee may be called by the secretary in consultation with the president and the Advisor.

I) Notice of an ordinary meeting with date, time, place and agenda shall be given to the members at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.

k) An extra-ordinary meeting of the committee can be convened at any time either by the president of the President.

j) Fifty percent of the members of the Executive committee shall constitute the quorum.

7. College Fund

All members of the college Union shall pay consolidated membership fee per annum to be collected by the college office.

8. Elections

a) The Principal shall select a suitable date after the beginning of every session and election for different office of the college union and +2 Cultural Association shall be held on such dates only.

b) Nomination to such elections duly' filled in and seconded shall reach the principal in writing on or before he date mentioned for submission of nominations. A sum of Rs. 25/— (Rupees twenty five only) is to be deposited by a constant as earnest money for offering his candidature.

c) The nomination after proper scrutiny either by the Principal of his flO!fli­nee shall be published three days before the Election and withdrawals may be made in writing within the prescribed time after publication of the list of candidates.

d) No member shall cast more than one vote for each office for which elections are held.

e) Election shall be conducted and voted recorded and attached in such manners as determined by the Principal.

f) The candidate obtaining the largest number of votes shall be declared elected.

g) increase a tie of votes between two more candidates the winner shall be ascertained by lot.

9. General Rules

i) No members who is convicted in a court of laws is eligible for election of any office of the Union or other associations.

ii) No students who suffers from any uncurable or infections diseases shall be eligible to contest in the election.

iii) At the time of voting the Identity Card must be produced by the vote failing which he will not be eligible for voting.

iv) All the College dues must be cleared on or before the date of voting. Right to vote and right to contest must be supported by the clearance thereof.

v) No person can contest in more than one office or can hold more than one Union or the other associations at the same time.

vi) One representative of every candidate shall be present at the time of scrutiny of nominations and counting of votes. Any doubtful case arising at the time of scrutiny or counting of votes shall be reffered to the principal and the verdict the principal on all such matters final and binding.

vii) A meeting of the students may be arranged to enable the contesting candidates to justify their candidature, the name of this meeting shall be what stand for and contestants must ensure the advisor who will will I) receive and consider the accounts ii) bring amendments to the constitution if any.

10. The committee of management shall perform the following duties:

(i) Decide the play or plays to he staged and fix the date of performance.

The decision shall be subject to the Principals approval.

ii) President statement of accounts in the Annual General meeting.

iii) Transact all other business incidental to the management of the Society.

11. In furtherance of his duties the secretary shall covene meetings and keep a record of the proceedings of these meetings and keep all accounts of the society accurate and up to date.

12. The quorum for an ordinary meeting of the committee of management shall be five.

13. The Principal may after amend or aborate any or all these rules at his dissertation.

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