Vision & Mission


National College, Nuapada puts emphasis on innovative as well as qualitative educational drives enabling the students to avail of successful completion of degrees. It provides basic skill, proficiency, helping the students to be good human beings after the completion of degrees. A blending of equity and accountability is created for students in a co-education system.


National College ,Nuapada is a haven for right information experience, academic, excellence, cultural upliftment, inculcation of patriotic feelings and all round development

As on Educational Institution, National Collegehas its own identity.

• Caters to the basic academic needs of students.

• Prepares students for achieving higher excellence in higher studies.

• Delivers programmes on self skills covering spoken English, improvement in body language and enhancing interviewing skill.

• Gives weightage to girl students in Self Defence Programmes and how to be Smart Girl.

• Provides support services for the development of head and heart.

• Collaborates with other education institutions for diversified experience.

• Puts emphasis on 4Ls such as Learn, Love Listen & let go your spirit.

• Provides scope for students to recognize their talent.

• Provides eco-friendly campus through lantation and sanitation. Programmes

• Organizes programmes related to blood donation for the awareness of human existence and humanity.


• .transforming lives and motivating students by virtue of learning

• Strategy adopted

• Using education as means of sustenance in the present scenario enabling students to achieve academic and professional goals.

• Providing on independent identity to stand up for oneself.

• Instilling human values to serve the community

• Providing efficiency to achieve economic success.

• Creating an awareness for academic and cultural and neutral feeling of kinship.

• Equipping students with the skills required to adapt to the existence.

• Fostering a learning community based on recognition and support.

• Inculcating behavioral ethics to develop interaction skills in students.