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College Ethics:-

Develop a sense of love and attachment towards the institution. It is your moral duty to protect the assets and property of college and show proper respect to the teacher. The following are some prospects you must not disobey

(e) Don't tamper with the electric lamps, switches and furniture of the college. A student found man-handling any such property shall make himself liable to dire consequences.

(f) Don't take active part is politics. Never attach yourself to any political party whatsoever. However you can attend political meeting under normal circumstances.

(g) Don't disfigure college walls by writing, spitting, sticking bills or drawing picture. Do

not smoke inside the college campus and don't.

h) Don't loiter in the college corridors unnecessarily when you have leisure you may

relax in the Students' common room or go to the Library for reading.

a) Don't hold any meeting or get together or anything in the college campus without prior

permission from the Principal.

b) Don't f from any society or organization other than what the college constitution

permits formation of any such society should be duly approved by the Principal.

c) Don't invite any non-collegiate to the college campus of address the students without the knowledge of the Principal.

d) Don't play for any team other than the college team without obtaining written permission from the Principal.

Structure relating to Malpractice.

A student found making use of unfair means in any of the college examination may be distained for that year. Infringement of any of the rules printed on the cover page of the examination book shall be regarded as breach of discipline and is liable for punishment.

Articles 144 of the Orissa Education Code -

The Principal however may prohibit all students from attending a political meeting he apprehends any breach of peace and that the communal feeling will be aroused.

Article 106:-

In case of concerted absence without leave on the part of the students, his name shall be struck off from the college rolls on or before the 3 rd day of absence.

Higher Secondary (+2 Stream )

General Rules

1. The college will reopen after summer vacation.

2. Classes for +2 II year Arts / Science/ Commerce and +3 II year Arts will commerce after one week. Arts / Science / Commerce an d +3 II year Arts will commence after one week.

4. Students seeking admission in to The Higher Secondary Three Years Degree Courses may apply to the Principal in the prescribed Application from obtained from the college on payment of Rs. 40.00 at the counter or by post on terminating Rs. 50 by mo ney order with self-addressed envelope.

5. Separate applications are to be submitted for admission into Arts Science and Commerce faculties.

6. Unless otherwise notified, the last date of submission of application forms, complete in all respects, is two weeks from the date of publication of the result of the qualifying examination.

7. Incomplete application forms or application form received after the last date are liable to rejection However, if seats remain vacant late application may be considered.


i) Political Science ii) History / Math iii) Logic I Geography iv) Economics v) Education vi) Oriya / Hindi


No of seats- 128

Pass : The subjects are to be taken in different 3 years.

A. Compulsory

Subjects Marks

English 100

MIL (Oriva / Hindi) 100

(Any language may he opted for MIL but no teaching facilities will be provided)

B Pass Subjects (Any one of the following Subjects)

i. Economics Paper-I 100

ii. History Paper-II 100
iii. Political Science
iv, Education
v. Oriya I Hindi

C. Elective Subjects (Any on e)
(A) Paper 100
i Indian Politics
ii. Indian Economics
iii. Land Marks in Indian History
iv. Land-Marks in Indian History
v. Education

vi. Oriya

B. Pass Subjects:

Paper-III 100

Paper-IV 100

C. Elective Subjects
A. Paper II 100

Total 500

3rd Near

A. Foundation Course

Subjects Marks

Indian Society and Culture 100

ii. Environmental Studies 100

B. Elective Subjects (B)
Paper-I 100
Paper-II 100
Total 400

NB: i) The student has to mention his elective A & B subjects at the time of his

admission in to +3 1 st year.

(ii) Subject taken as pass (optional) subject cannot be taken as elective subject.

Example the student taking Education as Pass subject cannot take Education as elective Subject.


The College has Honours teaching in Political Science, History & Education (16 seats each)

The subjects arc to be taken as mentioned below in 3 years

1 st year:-

A. Compulsory :-
Subjects Marks
English 100
MIL (Oriya) / Hindi) 100

B. Honours Subjects (Any one of the following Subjects)

i. History 200
ii. Political Science
iii. Education
C. Elective Subjects (Any one)
A Paper-I 100
Paper- II 100
i. Indian Politics
ii. Indian Economics
iii. Land Marks in Indian History
iv. Education
v Oriya Total - 600
2nd Year:
A. Compulsory:
Subjects Marks
,English 100
ii MIL (Oriya/ Hindi) 100
B. Honours Subjects 400
Total 600
3rd Year.
A. Foundation Course:
Subjects Marks
Indian Society and Culture 100
Environmental Studies 100
B. Honours Subjects 200
C. Elective Subjects: B
Paper- I 100
Paper-Il 100
Total 600

The student has to mention his elective A & B subjects at the time of his admission in to +3 1st year.

Subject taken as Honours cannot be taken as Elective Subject .

ii Honours taken as will be allotted after the admission process is over

Houours subject :-

I The college has honours teaching in political Science. Education and History (16 seats each).

ii. To be eligible for admission into Honours in any subject, a student must have secured at least 40% marks in aggregate and 40% marks in concerned subject in CHSE or any equivalent examination.

iii. For a student who applied for honours in any subject, which he/she did not study at +2 level his/ her mark in English will be considered in lieu subject marks (40%).

iv. Selection for Honours will be done on the basis of Aggregate marks (without 4 th optional ) and secured in subject concerned.

v Selection for Honours will be done after admission is over.

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